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Transgender Healthcare
A basic principle of at Davis Square Family Practice is to promote the highest level of health possible. Unfortunately, because issues related to sexuality and gender identity have not, until recently, been given much attention in most medical schools many doctors are uncomfortable dealing with them. While sexual orientation and gender identity are two very different matters (for example, a gay man usually is unequivocal in identifying himself as male) many patients are nonetheless uncomfortable in telling their doctor that they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. At our office, we respect everybody’s right to live their lives to the fullest as they see fit. Sometimes living a nontraditional lifestyle causes undue emotional stress especially with family and in the workplace and if it does we are here to try to help.

I’m an active member in WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) which is the organization responsible for setting up the Standards of Care (SOC) for transsexual healthcare. The SOC were created in the late 1970’s and they are a set of recommendations designed to help both clinicians and patients have a more clear pathway through what can be a difficult time for the transsexual. While they are currently undergoing a major revision, the SOC are recommendations that are well-suited for some transsexuals but not others. For example, the SOC requires that the transsexual see a therapist prior to receiving hormonal treatment. Sometimes a person cannot afford to see a therapist or honestly doesn’t need a therapist to “determine” whether they are transsexual. We attempt to individualize the care while understanding that the SOC often offer reasonable guidance.

The information on this webpage is not designed to be comprehensive. Please feel free to contact me if you care to learn more or visit my personal website at www.deborahbershel.com.

Deborah Bershel, MD
Transgender: is an umbrella term that refers to anybody whose gender identity is variant from the norm.

Transsexual: is someone who identifies themselves as a gender that is different than their genetically
                         determined gender.

Intersex: refers to a person who was born with physical characteristics that may not fully coincide with
                 what their genetic gender.

Sexual Orientation: refers to whom are you physically attracted to (heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual)

Gender Identity: What gender you identify as (male or female) - not to be confused with sexual orientation.
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