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This page was created to give access to prior newsletters. Please feel free to comment on them regarding their usefulness at dbershel@gmail.com. If you have any ideas on how to improve on them please let us know.

          Tired of Feeling Bad? There are New Answers (Apr 2012)

          Diabetes Risk Factors - Stroke - SIDS (Jan 2012)    

          Influenza Vaccine has arrived (Fall 2011)    

          Common Summer Health Issues (6/16/11)       
          Flu Shots Are In / Prostate and Breast Cancer Screening (9/29/2010)

          New Physician coming to Davis Square Family Practice (08/25/2010)      

          Lowering Your Risk For Cancer / Running For Cancer Research (7/18/2010)

          Common Skin Diseases (6/9/2010)
          Obesity - How to Deal With Our Outward Growth (5/27/2010)

          Our New Website & Immunizations Part 1 (5/24/2010)

          Lyme Disease and Top Preventive Measures (4/20/2010)

          Bronchiolitis Outbreak in Young Children (1/29/2010)

          More Flu vaccines Available - Read Message Please (12/31/2009)
          My View of Healthcare Reform / Tylenol's Travails (12/28/2009)

          H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Vaccines are In (10/22/2009)

          H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza Info (10/06/2009)

          Obesity / H1N1 (the first outbreak) (5/13/2009)

Davis Square Family Practice
260 Elm St.; Suite 105 
Somerville, Massachusetts 02144  

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