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Low Level Laser
laser, I have seen patients have lasting improvement with conditions as diverse as dermatitis to the  hand stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Responses do vary from person to person and not everyone will improve with the laser. Sometimes adequate results are achieved in one or two sessions and sometimes it takes six or more sessions. Depending on the area involved a treatment can last for between 1 to 15 minutes. You usually feel no significant sensation during the treatment as the energy level of the laser is very low. On the other hand, there is often minor to significant improvement in symptoms before leaving the office.

How does it work? There is significant evidence that light of certain wavelengths stimulates energy production in the mitochondria of our cells. There appears to be effects on inflammatory chemicals that injured cells produce.  For a much more detailed review of the subject written by researchers from Mass General and Tufts Medical School please click here: Mechanisms of Low Level Light Therapy

Every person’s medical problem is unique and there are many approaches to dealing with pain and wounds. The low level laser doesn’t replace the standard Western medical approach to healing the body but it can certainly be a useful adjunct.
The Low Level Laser (‘cold’ laser) is a new tool that we are employing to help our patients recover from both acute and chronic injuries. It is particularly useful for wound healing and decreasing muscle pain and improving flexibility. The use of laser light to heal tissue has existed for almost 50 years in Europe and has only recently begun to be used by physicians and veterinarians here in the United States.

We can treat carpal tunnel, diabetic neuropathy and ulcers, frozen shoulders, fibromyalgia and some types of arthritis with the laser. Since introducing the
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