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Diaper Rash
Diaper rash is usually caused by irritation of the skin from urine and bowel movements. The other common cause is a yeast infection. Young babies have poor immunity to yeast and so it often grows in moist places such as the mouth (called thrush) and in the diaper area.  If the rash is rather large continuous and red and the folds of the babies thighs are relatively spared then you probably are dealing with an irritant diaper dermatitis. If there are areas of redness that have small red Ďdotsí scattered around then you may have a yeast rash. You may want to look into your babyís mouth and if you see white areas that donít easily rub off  then your baby may have thrush and thus also have yeast in the diaper area. It is rather rare to have a bacterial skin infection in the diaper area. If the rash has pus associated with it you may be dealing with a staph or strep skin infection.

There has never been a diaper rash that has not been cured, so do donít panic even though your baby may appear uncomfortable.

What to do
Do the following things several times a day:

1) Remove the baby's diaper.

2) Clean baby's bottom and all skin folds well with mild soap and water.
    Rinse skin well and pat dry.

3) Let baby play on his stomach with his diaper off.
   The air helps dry and heal the rash.

4) You may apply a soothing ointment to baby's bottom such as zinc oxide, calendula cream or A&D ointment.
    If you think your baby has a yeast infection, then you can try an over0the counter antifungal medication like
    Tinactin or Lamisil.

5) If the rash does not improve, call us or make an appointment.

last screened and modified by Dr. Bershel 1/2010